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History of the USS John Finn, the Navy Destroyer

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The USS John Finn is a modern Navy destroyer named after the first Medal of Honor recipient of World War II, John William Finn. The ship was commissioned on July 15th, 2017 in Pearl Harbor and is an advanced, multi-mission surface combatant designed to conduct air, surface, and subsurface warfare operations. The USS John Finn is equipped with cutting-edge combat systems and is staffed with highly trained sailors from the United States Navy.

The ship has a length of 509 feet and a beam of 66 feet, with a displacement of 9,200 tons. The USS John Finn is powered by four gas turbine engines, which provide a top speed of over 30 knots. The ship is armed with a range of weapons, including Tomahawk missiles, vertical launch systems, and various torpedo and gun systems, making it a highly capable and versatile platform.

The history of the USS John Finn is deeply rooted in the legacy of its namesake, John William Finn, whose bravery and dedication to duty during the attack on Pearl Harbor earned him the Medal of Honor. Finn was a Chief Aviation Ordnanceman stationed at Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station when the Japanese attacked on December 7th, 1941. Despite being wounded multiple times, Finn manned a .50-caliber machine gun in an exposed position and continued to engage the enemy for over two hours until the attack was over. His heroism and bravery inspired the crew of the USS John Finn to carry on his legacy of courage and sacrifice.

In conclusion, the USS John Finn is a powerful and versatile Navy destroyer that honors the legacy of John William Finn, a true American hero. With its advanced combat systems and highly trained crew, the USS John Finn is a force to be reckoned with, capable of defending the United States and its allies against any threat. The ship represents a key asset of the United States Navy and symbolizes the country’s dedication to its military forces.

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