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Memorable Incidents and Battles of the USS John Finn

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The USS John Finn has a storied history of service to the United States Navy. Named after John William Finn, a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, this Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer has been at the forefront of American naval operations. It has been part of many notable incidents and battles throughout its years of service, leaving a lasting impression on the collective memory of its crew.

One of the most remembered incidents in the history of USS John Finn happened during its deployment in the Persian Gulf. On July 2019, while transiting through the Strait of Hormuz in international waters, the destroyer approached an Iranian vessel that was actively violating maritime law. When the Iranian vessel refused to alter its course, the USS John Finn took immediate action, and the crew remained ready to defend the ship as necessary. Fortunately, the Iranian vessel retreated, and the crew’s alertness and professionalism prevented any harm to the ship and its crew.

Another remarkable moment in the history of the USS John Finn happened during its deployment in 2020, when it demonstrated its strike capability during naval exercises alongside other U.S. and allied forces. The ship launched several Tomahawk cruise missiles, which destroyed targets at a considerable distance in a precise and controlled manner. This feat demonstrated the ship’s readiness to engage in combat and marked a significant achievement for the crew.

In conclusion, the USS John Finn has proven to be a valuable and effective asset for the U.S. Navy, participating in numerous operations and missions throughout its history. These incidents, as well as the ship’s contributions to maintaining peace and stability at sea, will remain forever etched in the memories of those who served aboard the legendary destroyer.

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