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Top Graphic Design Influencers You Should Follow

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Key Takeaways

  • Stay updated with the latest trends in graphic design
  • Get inspired by following top influencers
  • Learn new techniques and skills from industry experts


In the ever-evolving field of graphic design, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for both budding and seasoned designers. One of the best ways to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques is by keeping an eye on the work and insights of leading figures in the industry. The top graphic design influencers you should follow bring a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and innovation to the table. These influential designers not only showcase their groundbreaking work but also share valuable insights into their creative processes, making them invaluable resources for anyone looking to enhance their skills and understanding of the field. Whether you are a student, a professional looking to refresh your approach, or simply a design enthusiast, following these influencers can significantly impact your design journey.

Top Graphic Design Influencers

In the realm of graphic design, there are several standout individuals whose work, advice, and insights have positioned them as leading voices. These top graphic design influencers you should follow come from diverse backgrounds and specializations, offering a rich tapestry of creativity and knowledge. First on the list is Paula Scher, a titan in the industry known for her work with Pentagram and innovative approach to typography. Scher’s projects span across a variety of mediums, making her a versatile source of inspiration.

Another influential figure is Stefan Sagmeister, co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh. Renowned for his provocative designs and experiments with the boundaries of art and design, Sagmeister shares his unique perspective on life and design through his works and talks, challenging conventional boundaries.

Jessica Walsh, after parting ways with Sagmeister, launched &Walsh, her own creative agency. Her bold, playful work and dedication to social causes are influential in the design community. Her approach to design as a tool for change is particularly inspiring for those looking to make an impact through their work.

Aaron Draplin, the mind behind Draplin Design Co., offers a more down-to-earth perspective with his straightforward, no-nonsense approach to design. Known for his logo designs and the creation of Field Notes brand notebooks, Draplin’s work exudes a classic American aesthetic that resonates with a wide audience.

Chris Do, founder of The Futur, an online education platform that focuses on the business of design, is another key influencer. Through his YouTube channel and The Futur’s content, Do provides invaluable insights into the business side of design, making him an essential follow for those looking to navigate the industry’s commercial aspects.

Finally, Dana Tanamachi, a lettering artist and designer known for her custom chalk murals, brings a unique and ephemeral aspect to graphic design. Her work, which often features intricate and beautiful lettering, highlights the craftsmanship aspect of design, encouraging an appreciation for the hand-made.

Following these top graphic design influencers offers a window into the future of design, providing both visual inspiration and practical advice. Their diverse approaches and areas of expertise underline the multifaceted nature of graphic design, reminding us that at its core, design is about exploration, innovation, and communication.

Benefits of Following Graphic Design Influencers

Embracing the wisdom and creative prowess of the top graphic design influencers you should follow can transform your approach to design in several significant ways. Firstly, it offers a front-row seat to the latest trends and innovative techniques within the industry. These influencers are often the first to experiment with new tools and methodologies, providing you with insights that can keep your work fresh and relevant.

Moreover, following these design leaders can be incredibly inspirational. Witnessing their creative processes, from conceptualization to execution, can spark new ideas and encourage you to push the boundaries of your own work. It’s not just about admiring their final projects; it’s about understanding the thought and effort that goes into creating something truly impactful.

Another key benefit is the opportunity for learning and development. Many of these influencers share tips, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes looks at their projects, offering valuable lessons that can enhance your skills. Whether it’s mastering a new software or understanding the subtleties of typography, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained from their shared experiences.

Networking and community engagement are also significant advantages. By engaging with top graphic design influencers and their followers, you can connect with like-minded individuals, opening doors to collaborations, feedback, and support. This online community can be a great source of motivation, critique, and camaraderie, which is invaluable in a field as dynamic as graphic design.

Lastly, following these influencers can give you a clearer perspective on the business side of design. Many share their experiences with client relationships, pricing strategies, and marketing themselves as designers. For those looking to freelance or start their own design business, these insights are gold, providing a real-world education that is often not covered in traditional design courses.

In summary, following the top graphic design influencers you should follow is not merely about admiring their work from afar. It’s about immersing yourself in a vibrant community that educates, inspires, and connects. Whether you’re a student, a professional seeking to elevate your portfolio, or simply a design enthusiast, the benefits of keeping an eye on these influential figures are immense, offering a rich source of inspiration and knowledge that can help shape your design journey.

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How to Engage with Graphic Design Influencers

Engaging with top graphic design influencers you should follow is not just about consuming their content passively. It’s about actively participating in the dialogue, learning from their experiences, and applying those lessons to your own work. Here’s how you can effectively engage with these leading creators to maximize your learning and growth within the field of graphic design.

First, make use of social media platforms. Follow their accounts on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and wherever else they are active. These platforms are not only places to showcase work but also spaces for conversation. Comment on their posts, ask thoughtful questions, and participate in any Q&A sessions they might host. This interaction can provide deeper insights into their processes and the reasoning behind their creative decisions.

Subscribe to their blogs or YouTube channels. Many influencers share longer form content in these spaces, including tutorials, project case studies, and personal insights into the industry. Engaging with this content by commenting, sharing your takeaways, and discussing these topics with fellow followers can enhance your understanding and allow you to apply what you learn to your own projects.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly, if appropriate. Sending a concise and respectful email expressing genuine appreciation for their work and asking a specific question can sometimes lead to valuable one-on-one advice. Remember, these influencers are professionals with limited time, so keep your communication clear and to the point.

Participate in webinars and online workshops they host or speak at. These events are great opportunities to hear directly from the influencers about their work and the graphic design industry as a whole. They often include Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and gain insights unavailable elsewhere.

Lastly, consider supporting their work financially if they offer Patreon memberships, online courses, or merchandise. This not only helps sustain their ability to share valuable content but may also give you access to exclusive content or personal feedback opportunities.

By engaging thoughtfully with top graphic design influencers you should follow, you not only gain access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration but also become part of a larger community of designers all working to improve their craft.


In the dynamic landscape of graphic design, connecting with the right influences can significantly shape your creative journey. The benefits of following top graphic design influencers are manifold, offering a gateway to the latest industry trends, innovative design techniques, and a plethora of learning opportunities. These influencers, renowned for their creative prowess and thought leadership, provide a constant stream of inspiration and insights that are invaluable for designers at any stage of their career.

By integrating the wisdom and expertise of these leading figures into your daily feed, you unlock access to a wide array of benefits. From staying ahead of emerging design trends to mastering new tools and techniques, these influencers serve as your guide in navigating the fast-paced world of graphic design. Their shared experiences and projects not only inspire but also challenge you to push the boundaries of your creative work.

Moreover, engaging with content from top graphic design influencers you should follow fosters a deeper understanding of the creative process. It encourages you to think critically about design, from conceptualization to execution, enriching your approach to projects. This engagement also opens up avenues for personal development, offering lessons that extend beyond the confines of traditional learning environments.

In addition to professional growth, following these influencers helps you build a network within the graphic design community. Interaction through comments, shares, and discussions enables you to connect with like-minded individuals, creating opportunities for collaboration and feedback. This sense of community is crucial for creative growth, providing support and motivation as you navigate your career in graphic design.

Lastly, these influencers often share insights into the business aspect of design, covering topics such as client management, pricing strategies, and self-promotion. For freelancers and aspiring design entrepreneurs, this information is gold, equipping you with the knowledge to successfully market your skills and services.

In conclusion, the act of following top graphic design influencers you should follow is more than a passive activity; it’s an investment in your professional development and a step towards becoming a more informed, inspired, and connected designer. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, stay updated on industry trends, or simply find inspiration for your next project, these influencers have the potential to significantly impact your design journey.

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